Scribbled papers that people throw away become animal drawings


Scribbled papers that people throw away

Animal drawings: We all think those papers are useless to use since they are scribbled. We all throw them away without thinking of how to renew those useless things into great ones. And here, you will see how intelligent he is to make these unused papers become lovable and wonderful. Claudio Francesco renewed these scribbles into animal drawings. This is what we never expected to see before.


He has turned ugly things to great treasures and exclusive things. His passion animal drawings have taken all people attention. Through these videos and photos, you will see those scribbles turn into a crocodile, a pelican, an ant, a goat, a cat, a fly, a shark and a dinosaur. That is not the end; let move on and see more drawings that will amaze you.

Now let’s watching the video of Animal drawings

An Ant

A Goat

A Fly

A Shark

A Dinosaur

An Armadillo

A Hedgehog

A T-Rex

A Penguin

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