7 type animal and plant represent to Cambodia nation


7 type animal and plant in Cambodia

7 type animal and plant represent to Cambodia nation: Cambodia is the oldest culture in Asia country that they were known for the temple and other document researching. Besides Khmer identity, including flags, anthem, and national with the living standard. We can know about the Cambodia country with the 7 types of animal and plant. According to a royal decree by King Norodom Sihamoni on March 21, 2005, the 7 types of animal and plant are represented to Cambodia country like:

Now let see all animal and plant represent to Cambodia nation

1. Giant Ibis

Cambodia nation
Giant Ibis

2. Giant Mekong Barb

Cambodia nation
Giant Mekong Barb

3. Kouprey

Cambodia nation

4. Royal turtle

Cambodia nation
Royal turtle

5. Rumdul

Cambodia nation

6. Sugar Palm

Cambodia nation
Sugar Palm

For this article, you can see more on the web page: BORASSUS FLABELLIFER OR SUGAR PALM TREE

7. Chicken Egg Banana

Cambodia nation
Chicken Egg Banana

All image credit: www.everyday.com.kh

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